John Williamson

Websites to your design - Japanese Knotweed Specialists - Glasgow, Scotland

I have always built and designed my own web sites for my Shiatsu practice in Glasgow. Recently I found myself stepping in to help friends with businesses get the website that they actually wanted, rather than the website their expensive designers tried to impose on them.

Now I offer that same service to you.

My overall aim is to give you the site you want as well as to help keep the cost of building, maintaining and promoting your website as low as possible without compromising on quality.

As well as build and maintain your site, I can also show you how to edit it by yourself, either through using a simple content management system or by actually showing you how to edit the HTML code itself. By having access to your own code, and by taking small progressive steps you will find after a while that you can do a lot, if not most, of it by yourself.