What is Do-In?

The easiest way to describe Do-In is as "self shiatsu" or "exercises for health". Shizuto Masunaga, author of Meridian Exercises, explains "Do of Do-In means to open up channels and facilitate the movement of energy along specific routes. In of Do-In means to move and stretch one's limbs to achieve this purpose."

The basis of the Do-In exercises I share are to encourage mind and body integration. This has the effect of allowing Ki to flow freely throughout the body. The exercises are performed with an emphasis on imagery, breathing and relaxation.

Most of the exercises are taught to Shiatsu practitioners during their training, including basic Do-In (self shiatsu), Makko-Ho (meridian exercises)and complementary meridian exercises. The three minute exercise and wrist exercises along with other Ki development exercises are included from Ki-Aikido.

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