John Williamson

Websites to your design - Cumbernauld, Scotland

How much will a site cost me?

I basically charge £20 per hour. The first four hours go towards generating the general shape, style and formatting of the site. Each page, depending on complexity, will take another 30 - 90 minutes.

A site will cost a minimum of £80.

Additional costs?

Having generated your site, you will need to have somewhere to host it and an address (domain name) so it can be found on the Internet. The cost of hosting is annual. Currently uk hosting is available from around £30 (inc vat). It is best to get your domain name with the same company and this can cost between £3.50 and £5 (inc vat) per year for a depending on how many years registration you purchace in advance. I'll either set this up for you or assist you in the set up of these elements at no additional cost.